Unitized Curtain Wall System

The Unitized Curtain Wall System is an exterior facade system for high-grade buildings. It is composed of large units that are assembled in the factory, shipped to the site, and erected on the building.


  • Units are pre-assembled and glazed under controlled factory conditions, minimizing site operations.
  • Allows for a faster installation process.
  • Usually does not require external access.
  • Strong adaptability to the main structure, applicable to high-rise buildings of steel structure.

Structural Integrity

Our unitized curtain wall systems are engineered to provide robust structural support, ensuring the stability and durability of your building envelope. With high-quality materials and precision engineering, our curtain walls offer reliable protection against external elements and structural stresses, delivering long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Solar Control

Experience optimal daylighting and solar management with our unitized curtain wall solutions. Designed to maximize natural light while minimizing glare and solar heat gain, our curtain walls create a comfortable and well-lit indoor environment, enhancing occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Architectural Freedom

Unlock architectural creativity with our unitized curtain wall designs, offering versatile configurations and customizable options to suit your aesthetic preferences and project requirements. From sleek and minimalist to bold and expressive, our curtain walls allow you to realize your vision and create iconic architectural statements.

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