Stick Curtain wall system

A stick curtain wall system is a contemporary architectural solution employed in modern building construction. This system comprises individual components, often referred to as “sticks,” including vertical and horizontal mullions. These components are assembled on-site to form the structural framework of the wall. Its popularity stems from its adaptability and ease of design, making it a favored choice among architects and builders for creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing building exteriors.

Structural Reliability

Our stick curtain wall systems are engineered for exceptional structural performance, providing robust support and stability for your building facade. With durable materials and precision engineering, our curtain walls withstand environmental stresses and ensure long-term reliability, safeguarding your investment and ensuring occupant safety.

Installation Efficiency

Streamline your construction process with our stick curtain wall solutions, offering efficient installation methods and rapid assembly techniques. With simplified components and straightforward installation procedures, our curtain walls help reduce construction time and labor costs, enabling timely project completion and enhanced efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

Achieve architectural excellence with our customizable stick curtain wall designs, tailored to meet your unique project specifications and design aspirations. From custom finishes and profiles to bespoke configurations and features, our curtain walls offer limitless design possibilities, empowering you to create distinctive facades that leave a lasting impression.

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