Laminated glass is produced by bonding together two or more panes of glass with elastic, tear-resistant sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), SentryGlas® (SG), or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Laminated safety glass reduces the risk of injuries upon breakage of the glass, increases the residual loadbearing capacity of the laminated pane, and also insulates.



As per Shape:
flat laminated glass and curved laminated glass

As per Processing:
Annealed float laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, heat-soaked laminated tempered glass

As per monolithic glass type:
Clear tempered laminated glass, tinted decorative safety laminated glass, Low-E laminated glass, silkscreen printed & ceramic fritted toughened laminated glass, frosted laminated glass

As per composition:
double laminated glass, triple safety laminated glass, four laminated safety glass, and the like.

As per composition:
“SGP safety laminated glass, PVB safety laminated glass, EVA laminated glass, fabric
decorative laminated glass”

Characteristics of Tempered glass


Protects people and goods in the event of breakage, as the interlayer holds glass fragments together

Meets safety glazing standards

Blocks 99% of UV rays which cause fading and discolouration of interior coverings.

Provides soundproofing that is superior to monolithic glass.

Makes it possible to create unique glass designs with decorative interlayers

Offers high resistance against object penetrations thus providing an effective deterrent against forced entry.

Create aesthetic sense to buildings

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